State of knowledge

October 2022
(Preview) Version info: ProCall 8 Enterprise from V 8.0

New ChatApp

It is possible to provide the new ChatApp as a custom tab to the users via the profiles of the UCServer.

This is based on new web technologies and has as a requirement an installed WebView2 on the ProCall client for Windows.

You can see an overview of the new chat in the screenshot.

Example screenshot: ProCall client for Windows – Custom tab with new chat view – better overview and navigation


This function is available as a preview, i.e. there are still technical limitations that may prevent productive use. Please check in advance whether the function is already suitable for use in your environment.



Set up a profile for the users who are to use this feature via UCServer administration in the Profiles item and assign this profile to the users via the User administration.

Custom tab

The Custom tab in the profile must have the following properties for the chat tab:

Example Screenshot: Profile – Custom tabs – Title Chat "Preview" – WebView enabled

After starting the ProCall client for Windows, the new tab is displayed.

Integration in ProCall client for Windows

  • With Custom tab enabled, incoming chats are suppressed and not automatically displayed in the "old" chat window.
  • New chats are displayed in the speech bubble


  • Generally not complete integration with ProCall client for Windows
  • Buttons or context menus in ProCall client that refer to a chat open the old chat
  • In audio/video chats, the old chat is displayed in the call window
  • Outside the speech bubble there is no notification about new chats
  • No hotkey support
  • Logging and tracing system
  • No error handling or error messages outside the browser console

Upcoming features

More and more features will be added over the coming months. Please pay special attention to the release notes for maintenance or service releases.

The following are planned:

  • Notifications (from version 8.0.1)
  • Improved integration with ProCall client for Windows
  • Text message export (from version 8.0.1)
  • Mute group or individual chats
  • Forward messages to multiple users (from version 8.0.1)
  • Tag users in chat rooms (from version 8.0.1)
  • And more

Already implemented and available in current version:

  • Favorites or pinning feature

Error analysis

Since there is not yet any integration with the logging and tracing system of the ProCall client for Windows, the analysis must be performed in the browser console.

For this to become active, the logging of the ProCall client for Windows must be set to "Debug (all)" and the client must be restarted.

After that, it is possible to open a browser console via "Right-click → Examine" in Custom tab. Errors are displayed in this console.