This article explains how to convert the date format when the UCServer time differs from the current one.

UCServer used date format UTC

The UCServer uses the time/date convention UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

This means that the time displayed in the internal UCServer database differs from the current time in Germany (GMT+1 / GMT+2 in summer) by 1h or 2h.

The reason for this is that the UCServer uses the UTC time and not the GMT+1 or GMT+2 which is common in Germany..

Evaluation of the journal

If you would like to run evaluations on the journal yourself, you have two options:

Use of estos ProCall Analytics

The software brings the functionality by itself.

Conversion of the date format while reading from the database (via SELECT).

All you have to do is convert the date in the SQL SELECT statement.

You can find an example here:


AS ColumnInLocalTime
FROM CtiServerDatabase

The example shown is only a demonstration. Please understand that we cannot offer any support for this.

Further information about SQL can be found here: