State of knowledge

March 2023

If you manage multiple locations, you do not need to manually assign each line to the correct location, but can automatically assign line groups to the correct location in UCServer Administration.

Knowledge required

This guide to assigning locations and lines requires expertise in configuring PBXs and numbering plans.

Management of multiple locations and assignment of lines


  • The locations in the UCServer are logically separated and correctly configured.
  • In the properties of the line groups, "Location of group" must be selected in the Location settings <Automatic>.


With this configuration, the UCServer can evaluate which extension belongs to which location and automatically assign this line to this location.

Procedure using an example with two locations

In the following example two locations are set up: 

Location 1100-199
Location 2200-299

These locations are created in the UCServer administration and configured according to the call number plan of the environment.

Set up Location 1

Using the above example, Location 1 is set up first:

Example screenshot: Location 1 – PBX system – Extension number space


Set up Location 2

Using the above example, Location 2 is set up first:

Example screenshot: Location 2 – PBX system – Extension number space

Switch location binding to Automatic

Now go to Details for line group and under Location settings set Location of group to Automatic.

Example screenshot: Details for line group 

Please note the dependency of the automatic location determination on the automatically determined phone numbers:

SIP softphone line groups for the connection of PBXs where the phone numbers cannot be determined automatically from the user names must not be set to automatic location determination.


The lines are thereby automatically assigned to locations.

Example screenshot: Line groups with extensions and assignment to the location

Further information

Location settings – advanced configuration