State of knowledge

October 2020

If the phone number display in the ProCall Client call window is incorrectly formatted (e.g. "0815136856177" instead of "+49 (8151) 36856177") and is not resolved by name, this is usually due to incorrect location settings.

Outgoing calls may be misdialed with this.

For correct call number display and contact resolution, only the internal extensions may be taken into account if necessary. The extension "0", for example, must not be included. The length of internal call numbers must not be "from 1 to ...".

Check and correct location settings

Open the site settings in the UCServer administration under Telephony → Site → Properties and open the menu item "Phone system".

Specify the extension number range or prefix and the length of internal call numbers in such a way that only the internal extensions, as the users can reach each other, are taken into account. For example, if you have extensions from 10 to 59, specify "from 10 to 59" as the extension number range or "from 1 to 5" as the extension number prefix and "from 2 to 2" as the length of internal numbers.