Your personal journal

Conversations are archived in a personal journal. For a better overview of all communication actions, various filters are available, which allow you to clearly arrange the displayed entries. For example, you can also store the notes that you have entered for a conversation.

You can define a time period for the entries displayed in the journal (for example, today, this week, this month) and group them by days or by contacts and rearrange or hide the available fields like date or type with a right mouse click.

Grouped by days

For example, the type field uses icons to show you whether you can communicate with your conversation partner by phone , AudioChat , VideoChat , TextChat or with screen sharing .
The arrows next to it   show the direction of the call. An exclamation mark is displayed if the connection could not be established.

Grouped by contacts

For a contact or group chat, the available photo is displayed. If no photo is available, the initials of a single contact are displayed. Unknown contacts or group chats for which no information is available can be recognized by a dummy picture, a group chat by the  symbol. 

You can identify the presence and availability of a contact by the color and orientation of the contact's border, for example, red and orientation to the upper left for Not available

For each contact you can see which communication actions  you have had, the duration or type in brackets: (5 min), (Missed call) (the contents of the chat message e.g. "Hello, Nadine, thanks for the info").

Update display

With the F5 key or by right-clicking on a date you can update the display

Group journal

Teams can be administratively represented by so-called groups and permission to view the group journal can be assigned. All authorized users of a group have access to the journal entries of the members of a group and can, for example, view colleagues' notes and therefore optimally prepare for a meeting. 

Journal of other contacts/favorites

If you have the appropriate permission, you can also view the journal of other contacts. The contact details of a favorite allow you to view their personal journal and thus their communication actions.

Where can I find the Journal?

In the ProCall main window in the Journal tab

Journal browser

An additional possibility to keep an overview of your communication actions and to apply further filter options can be found in the Journal Browser. Here you can use even more detailed options to view, print, or export the individual communication actions, contacts, incoming and outgoing communication actions. 

Where can I find the Journal browser?
  • In ProCall Monitor under Tools
  • In the ProCall main window under