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March 2024


The login in the ProCall app for Microsoft Teams does not work. An error message appears, indicating that the username and password should be checked.

Example screenshot: ProCall app for Microsoft Teams with error message "Login failed" - Error authenticating: please check username and password

Possible causes

  1. Username and/or password are not correct.
  2. UCConnect is not used, but a certificate, which is not supported by Microsoft Teams, e.g. a self-signed certificate (self-signed certificate).
  3. UCConnect is not used and the "UCServer WebService URL" entered is not correct, e.g. because the port is not specified.


  1. Check the username and the password and enter the correct user name with password.
    To log in, you must enter the details that are also used for the ProCall client
    e.g. e.g.
  2. Go to the UCServer administration → Extras → Network interfaces ... and check here what kind of certificate is stored for the "UC Web Server HTTPS".
    The certificate must not be a self-signed certificate, but must be accepted by Microsoft Teams.
  3. Check the entered URL and whether it can also be reached from the client.
    An example would be

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