ProCall Enterprisefrom V 7.0
Cloud PBX nfon

Notes on the estos test environment

The softphone functions (SIP) of ProCall were tested in the estos test environment with the telephone system specified above. The tests were performed with a maximum of two lines per SIP end device. The following information was used when setting up the telephone system for logging in/registering the individual SIP lines to the UCServer.

UDP connections

For the connection of SIP lines, only UDP connections are supported.

1. Add participant

The SIP lines to be used for ProCall must be requested in writing from nfon.

After application and agreement to release the SIP data, the lines are entered by nfon as "Unprovisioned SIP Device" in the telephone system and the access data is sent to the applicant. The data sent for the registration cannot be changed.

  1. Element – END DEVICES
    The extension is created as an "Unprovisioned SIP Device".

When applying for an "Unprovisioned SIP Device", please refer to the consent form for the release of SIP data for support claim at nfon:

Please note that we disclaim any (nfon) responsibility for any misuse of the SIP data, as third parties could use this data to make calls at your expense.
The SIP data is provided to you for independent configuration on the end device. However, we (nfon) cannot assume any responsibility for its reliable usability, nor can we provide any support during configuration..

2. UCServer configuration

The settings are made in the UCServer administration:

  1. Add telephone system
    Enter the connection to the telephone system as "SIP softphone" with the type "Asterisk" under "Lines".
  2. Properties for line group 
    Add all SIP lines in this connection setting here.
  3. Softphone registration
    For the connection to the nfon Cloud PBX, enter here as
    "SIP Login"
    Password: "SIP Secret"

3. Configure phone numbers

After all SIP lines have been entered in the UCServer, the phone numbers in full canonical (+49...) format must be entered manually for each line.

  1. Menu: Location
    Set up a suitable location in "Location" with the information on exchange codes, area code, system call number, and extension range.
  2. Menu: Telephony lines
    Open the properties of the line group

    Go to the tab "<your telephone system>" and 
    - deactivate the option: "Set phone numbers automatically" and
    - select the previously created location.

    Confirm with OK and accept the setting in the UCServer Admin.

  3. Now open the properties of each line group in turn

    For each SIP line, enter the complete phone number 
    as in the following format example:
    Confirm with OK.

  4. When all phone numbers are entered, apply the setting in the UCServer Admin.

Version note

Since estos has no influence on the further development of the supported telephone systems by the manufacturer, we cannot guarantee that the instructions described above will also be fully valid for future releases.