State of knowledge

April 2021

Available since 22 February 2022 as maintenance release 7.3.5 for ProCall 7 Enterprise (older versions are not supported).

The further development of the interfaces provided by Microsoft for Teams is continuously monitored by estos.

Presence matching (Microsoft Graph API)

After the extension of the Graph API by Microsoft, it is now possible to fully synchronize presences. We plan to enable presence matching between ProCall Enterprise and Microsoft Teams based on this extension in the near future.

This is available for ProCall 7 Enterprise since Maintenance Release 7.3.5. (Older versions are not supported).

Information on requirements, startup and usage options for the integration of Microsoft Teams with ProCall Enterprise is available here:


With the help of federation technologies, it is possible to exchange information (e.g. presences) securely and via open standards between different communication systems. In Microsoft Teams, federation was possible on the basis of Skype for Business functions (, this possibility was switched off together with Skype for Business on 31/7/2021 (Skype for Business Online to Be Retired in 2021 - Microsoft Tech Community).