State of knowledge

October 2020

Affected product versions

ProCall 6.4.12 Enterprise and ProCall 7.1 Enterprise


Changes had to be made to the ProCall client for Windows, which are directly or indirectly related to Internet Explorer and its settings on the system:

  • The domain name ecticlient.local is no longer used.
  • Embedded Internet Explorer windows of the client for Windows are displayed via the security zone "Local Intranet".


The name ecticlient.local is obsolete and is no longer used to determine the security zone. If individual settings were made in the past that configured the ProCall Client for Windows with the "Internet" security zone, these must now be configured for the "Local Intranet" security zone.

Affected are normally call window customizations in which ActiveX objects are used.

Compatibility View Settings

All websites in the intranet zone run in compatibility mode (Display intranet sites in Compatibility View setting enabled): This setting cannot override ProCall, so it should not be used.

Reason for the change

The dependencies of the ProCall Client for Windows on internet options should be minimized. For example, there were problems when web proxies were configured via the system settings and an attempt was made to resolve the domain name ecticlient.local via these.

As a result, windows with embedded Internet Explorer (e.g., the call window or contact details) were delayed and severely restricted for the end-user.

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