State of knowledge

November 2023


A call that was picked up by another user (call pickup) is marked as a missed call (NOT in blue) in the journal of the subscriber originally called.
In the "Talked with" column, your own contact is displayed instead of the transferring contact.

Possible reason

The ProCall Enterprise server cannot combine the original call and the connection resulting from the pickup as one call and display a corresponding log in the journal.


The correct display in the journal requires that pickup is carried out via the ProCall context menu function "Pick up call".

Check how the call was picked up. The display of picked up calls in the journal is not supported if pickup is carried out using the following actions, for example:

  • Pickup button on the end device
  • BLF buttons on the terminal device (busy lamp field)
  • Call via PBX feature code

Further information

Groups in UCServer

Picked up calls are not marked as "Unprocessed" in the ProCall Enterprise client journal