State of knowledge

October 2020

Store files

Files in the %APPDATA% directory are not overwritten during update/upgrade.

The %APPDATA% directory structure is formed from vendor, product name and major version.

Provider variations

The following variants of the %APPDATA% directory structure are available in connection with ProCall Enterprise variants:

ProviderProductMajor versionExample
estosprocall6"%APPDATA%\estos\procall 6"
estosprocall7"%APPDATA%\estos\procall 7"
mitelbusinesscti6"%APPDATA%\mitel\businesscti 6"
auerswaldpbx callassist 25"%APPDATA%\auerswald\pbx callassist 2 5"
auerswaldpbx callassist 36"%APPDATA%\auerswald\pbx callassist 3 6"
avayapro assistant6"%APPDATA%\avaya\pro assistant 6"
avayapro assistant7"%APPDATA%\avaya\pro assistant 7"
nfonncti pro6"%APPDATA%\nfon\ncti pro 6"
nfonncti pro7"%APPDATA%\nfon\ncti pro 7"

Determine major version

The major version is the first digit (number before the first dot) in the "File version", which you can find out via the file properties of the "ECtiClient.exe" file in the installation directory of the ProCall Client for Windows:

Example screenshot – ECtiClient.exte properties with file version

In this example the file version is "" i.e. the major version is "7".