This article explains what the error message The server is not available means and how you can take remedial action if ProCall Client cannot connect to the UCServer.

Example screenshot The server is not available.

Beispiel Screenshot von ProCall Client Fehlermeldung - Der Server ist nicht erreichbar

Possible reasons 

The server process on UCServer is not started

  • Please check if the process "estos UCServer" is started on the server (not the client).
  • You can check this by entering "services.msc" on the server at Start > Run > "services.msc" and searching for the process "estos UCServer".
  • If it has a status other than "Started", start the process.

The UCServer is not accessible from your client over the network

  • Please check if you can reach the UCServer for example via telnet on port 7222.
  • To do this, call the console and enter "telnet YOUR SERVER NAME 7222". If the server can be reached via port 7222, a blinking cursor is displayed.

Faulty DNS entry

Depending on whether you are trying to reach the server via computer name (DNS entry) or IP, the problem described above may also be caused by an incorrect DNS entry.

Please check the DNS entry for example via nslookup or alternatively use the IP address to reach your UCServer on port 7222.

The concrete nslookup test works as follows: Open the console and type "nslookup". Then enter the UCServer name and confirm with Enter. If no error message appears now, the UCServer is accessible under the entered DNS name. In case of an error, you will receive the message "*** UCServer name was not found [...]: Non-existent domain."