This article explains how you can create a so-called debug log for the update service for the ProCall client and make it available for analysis.

Logfiles can only be examined if reasonable anchor points are available. Therefore always provide the following additional information:

    • When did a fault occur (timestamp with date and time, at least to the minute)?
    • Which internal extensions were involved?
    • Which external participants were involved?
    • Process of the workflow that led to an error

Registry entry

Please enter the following registry key to set the log level of the update service on the ProCall Client to Debug/ASN.

The log file can be found in the directory: "C:\ProgramData\ESTOS\EACU\EACUSrv.log"

64-bit computer with ProCall 6.x

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ESTOS\UCServer4\ACUService - [REG_DWORD] -> Debug => 4