State of knowledge

July 2022

This article explains how to create a so-called debug log of the remote TAPI driver and how to provide this for analysis.


Control Panel – Phone and modem

Open in Control Panel → Phone and modem.

Example screenshot: Control Panel – open phone and modem

Alternatively, you can access the Phone and modem control panel by pressing the Windows key and R (WIN+R) and entering telephon.cpl:

Example screenshot: Call telephone and modem via key combination Win+R and enter telephon.cpl

Enter location information

If the telephone and modem are called up on the computer for the first time, the query dialog Location information appears at startup.
Enter at least the prefix (area code) without leading 0 (traffic code) in this field.
(In the example shown here, the area code for Starnberg has been entered):

Example screenshot: Phone and modem called for the first time – location information is requested

Advanced" tab – configure UCServer remote TAPI driver

In the "Advanced" tab, select the "estos UCServer remote TAPI driver" by clicking on "Configure...."

In the window that appears, select the "Info" tab and check the "Driver protocol" box.

Example screenshot Control Panel – Phone and Modem – Remote TSP – driver protocol

Unless otherwise specified, the files are placed in the default path C:\remotetsp\.

In order to be able to trace back the operations of the TSP sufficiently far in the case of rarely occurring errors or longer reporting paths, the option Delete log files daily can be switched off.

However, if you disable daily deletion, please make sure that you have sufficient free hard disk space on a regular basis.