State of knowledge

December 2021


On the ProCall client for Windows, your own lines are not displayed at the top next to the profile picture.

Beispiel Screenshot: ProCall Hauptfenster - keine Leitungen

Possible reason

  • Line is missing in UCServer under "Lines".

  • Line on the UCServer are deactivated under "Lines".
  • Line was not assigned to the user (in UCServer under "User → Business/Line identifier" the phone number is missing).
  • Location settings in UCServer incorrect.

Checking possible causes


  • Check in the UCServer administration under "Lines" whether:

    • The affected line exists.
    • The affected line is activated.
    • The line is displayed fully canonically in the "Phone number" column (with country and area codes, etc.).


  • Check in the UCServer administration under "Users" whether:
    • A phone number is entered in the "Business phone" column (or "Line identifier", depending on the configuration) for the user concerned.
    • The phone number appears grayed out under "Business phone"/"Line identifier". Grayed-out phone numbers are an indication that no suitable line could be found for the phone number entered.


  • Line is missing in the UCServer:

    • If it is a TAPI line, check in the TAPI driver if the line is missing and why.
    • If it is a softphone line, add the softphone line.
  • Line disabled in UCServer:
    • Activate the line. Apply the setting and check if the line has a green status point afterwards.
  • Line number not fully canonically represented in UCServer:
    • In the location settings on the UCServer under "Site → Properties → PBX", check whether the extension number range/prefix and the length of internal phone numbers have been specified correctly.

      The main extension "0" is not taken into account here! Only the extensions are taken into account under which the employees (also non-ProCall users) can be reached internally.
      The specification of single-digit phone numbers or of the extension "0" leads to errors.

    • If the phone number of the line is transmitted by the PBX with an area code but without a country code (e.g. 030 123456 - 789), the UCServer cannot convert it into the fully canonical format (+49 30 123456 - 789). Change the transmission of the phone number at the PBX either with the extension only (i.e. 789) or into the full canonical format (i.e. +49 30 123456-789).
      Alternatively, a correction can be made on the UCServer:
      1. Go to "Location → Properties" and check "Show advanced settings" under "General".
      2. Go, further in the location settings to "Line numbers". Enter a regular expression to convert the phone numbers either to the extension alone or to the fully canonical format.
  • No phone number is entered for the user:
    • Enter a phone number or select the line using the three dots.
  • A phone number is entered for the user, but no matching line can be found:
    • Check the first three items "Line is missing in UCServer", "Line is disabled" and "Phone number in UCServer not fully canonical displayed".