State of Knowledge

June 2022


In rare cases, it may happen that deactivated AD users remain visible in the ProCall Favorites or on the monitor.

Possible reasons

Default via global settings or group in UCServer

If a default of the monitor content was made in the UCServer via the global settings or the group, deactivated users are kept in the cache file "adcontacts.db"
This cache file can be deleted to generally reset the cache of the AD users.

Vorgehensweise: adcontacts.db neu aufbauen

In these cases, the ProCall AD user database must be rebuilt. 

Please proceed as follows:

  • Stop the UCServer service.
  • Rename the <UCServerInstallationPath>\database\adcontacts.db file.
  • Start the UCServer service, a new adcontacts will be created and filled automatically.

Now the inactive AD objects should no longer appear in the ProCall client. 

Contacts added manually by user

If contacts were added manually by the user to the favorites or in the monitor, these contacts will be displayed as a result during a search (data source: favorites). The manually added contacts must be removed by the user himself.

Contacts via administrative default

If the deactivated contacts are rolled out via an administrative monitor/favorites preset, these presets must also be corrected in the corresponding file. An administrative default via XML files is described in the following support article: Best Practice: Administrative specification of content for monitor and favorites in ProCall Enterprise