State of knowledge

October 2021

Version info: 21H2

estos ProCall Business is based on the current estos ProCall Enterprise version, provides selected functions of a comprehensive server/client-based unified communications software.

ProCall Business can be put into operation easily and without major configuration effort in small companies with up to 50 workstations.

Supported features and functions

  • Connection to a telephone system with one exchange line (location)
  • Connection of the released telephone systems via CTI for the control of the telephones and/or SIP for the use of the ProCall clients as softphone
  • User management by creating local users or with connection to Microsoft Active Directory
  • Support for estos ProCall clients at individual workstations with Microsoft Windows 10
  • Manage 2 phone numbers per user
  • Basic settings and permissions for users can be set globally on the server
  • Basic settings for the behavior of the estos ProCall client
  • Software distribution of the ProCall clients via the ProCall server
  • Client TAPI driver for dialing from third-party applications
  • Deliver missed calls by e-mail
  • Share TextChat with content (file transfer)
  • Audio/Video function
  • Screen sharing
  • Connection of data sources by means of:
    • Text/CSV importer
    • Connection to local Microsoft Exchange servers via EWS (Exchange Web Services)
    • Connection Microsoft Outlook 365 by means of Microsoft Graph Replicator
    • Active Directory replicator
    • Web-based telephone directories
  • Mobility Services via UCConnect (for 1-year incl.)

Default settings

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Further information

In the following overviews, we have compared some essential functions, setting options, and limitations of ProCall Enterprise and ProCall Business, where ProCall Enterprise offers/requires detailed setting options, while ProCall Business offers selected default settings for easy commissioning that cannot/must not be changed.

Software Maintenance and Mobility Services

estos ProCall Business includes the use of "Mobility Services" for Android and iOS smartphones for 1 year (12 months), as well as "Software Maintenance" for the installation of current maintenance releases.

After the expiration of the service contract, estos ProCall Business continues to run indefinitely with the version then installed.
The contract for Mobility Services and Software Maintenance can be renewed at any time.

The estos ProCall Business server requires internet access on port 443 to UCConnect and the estos license server for installation and during operation.

No upgrade/crossgrade from PCB to PCE

Please note that ProCall Enterprise and ProCall Business are two separate product lines from estos.

An in-place upgrade from estos ProCall Business to estos ProCall Enterprise is not possible.