State of knowledge

October 2021
Version: 21H2


Operating systems

The possible operating systems required for estos ProCall Business can be found on the ProCall Business system requirements page.

Telephone systems/PBX

For a list of supported telephone systems, see Table of telephone systems

Settings/preferences for the configuration

The exact scope and which functions and settings are available can be found in the tables under Configurations and settings and Overview of presets.

No other estos products (ProCall Enterprise, estos ECSTA, estos MetaDirectory) may be installed on the server.

The license for estos ProCall Business must be entered by an estos partner/reseller in a "Retailer account" in the UCConnect portal.

Internet connection

For installation and operation of estos ProCall Business, the computer on which the estos ProCall Business UCServer is installed must have an internet connection.

Connection to the UCConnect portal

The computer requires a permanent connection to estos UCConnect Portal:

Source: UCServer
Source port: all
Target: *
Target port: 443 TCP

Using the mobile app

Additionally required for the use of mobile apps:



UCServer and all ProCall clients

Source port:




Target port:

3478, UDP and TCP

443, UDP


The license for estos ProCall Business must be stored by the estos partner/dealer in the customer account in the UCConnect portal.
For more information, please refer to the dealer portal. Create a server account and enter the license..

You need the "ServerID" created in the UCConnect portal and the corresponding password to install estos ProCall Business.

If another estos ProCall Business server is already logged on to the ServerID, a note appears and the setup can be continued. In this case, the estos ProCall Business server must be the only server to be registered with UCConnect via the configuration interface within 3 days.

Telephone system

The telephone system must be set up for the required connection (TAPI/CSTA/SIP). Any required licenses must be entered. Notes on setting up the telephone systems for SIP connection for the use of softphone can be found on the estos website.

Information for the required configuration of the telephone system for the connection of ECSTA to control the telephones can be found in the estos  estos ProCall guide.


If a telephone system is connected via the TAPI driver supplied by the telephone system manufacturer, this should be installed and set up before installing the estos ProCall UCServer (Business Edition).

Start setup

Start the "estos ProCall Business Setup.exe".

After accepting the license conditions, the license stored in UCConnect is verified.

To do this, enter the ServerID created/stored in UCConnect with the corresponding password and check the connection. The setup checks the installable version based on the license stored in your account. It will show you how many users are licensed and if a newer version is available. If the result is positive, you can continue the setup.

In the next step you need to specify some data required for installation and operation:

Installation path

Specify the path where estos ProCall Business is to be installed.

Presence domain

Specify the presence domain to use.


The estos UCServer requires a unique address for presence and chat for each user, the so-called "identity". The identity is formed from the user name and presence domain.

A presence domain is uniquely and permanently assigned to an estos UCServer and can only be changed by reinstalling it!

Administrator password

Assign a password for logging on to the estos ProCall Business server configuration. The next step is to install estos ProCall Business. If you continue the setup, a summary of the selected components and specifications will be displayed again. In the next step, estos ProCall Business will be installed.

After completing the installation, the configuration interface of the estos ProCall Business server is started.

Basic setup configuration

In the following, only notes on the basic setup are explained. For further information, please refer to the estos UCServer (Business Edition) help. This can be called up in the UCServer (Business Edition) administration.

After installation, the "UCServer Administration Business" configuration interface of the estos ProCall UCServer (Business Edition) can be called up at any time via the start menu. The language of the configuration interface can be changed in the "UCServer Administration Business" in the "View" menu.

Log in with the credentials specified during setup and configure estos ProCall Business:


User database

Define in which database you want to manage the estos ProCall Business users:

estos UCServer user administration (file-based)

The estos UCServer uses its own user administration, the data is stored in configuration files in the installation directory. No further settings are required.

User management with Active Directory® Server

The users, computers, and groups from the Active Directory® are used. All settings are stored directly in the extensionName attribute in Active Directory®. The information is stored in the Active Directory® in a reserved field.
The users, computers, and groups are displayed in the estos UCServer administration and can be configured there.

Please note that there may be conflicts with other software that uses the extensionName data field in Active Directory® to store data.

You must enter the connection and login data for the Active Directory®. The user-specified here requires "write permission" to the user objects and should be a member of the "Domain Administrators" group.

Active Directory® Server

Enter the computer name/FQDN/IP address of the Active Directory® server here. Please note: if LDAPS is activated, the FQDN must be entered.


Enter the user name that has write access to the users, computers, and groups of the Active Directory®. Enter the user name in the form


Enter the password for the user here.


If this option is enabled, an encrypted network connection to the Active Directory® server is enforced (LDAPS). The connection is established on port 636 (or on the port specified with the computer name). The connection is only established if LDAPS can actually be activated.

If the server is not a member of the domain, the LDAPS certificate must be imported into the server's certificate store.

User login

Here you define the data with which users must log on to the estos ProCall Business client. The selection depends on the selected user database.

Authentication with UC password

Each user uses an individual UC password to log in to the estos UCServer. This UC password is configured in the user administration and has nothing to do with the Windows® password.

Windows® domain authentication

The Windows® user names and the Windows® password are always used to authenticate users. If the user is already logged on to the domain with his workstation, he is authenticated directly via his Windows® login. If the user is not logged in to a domain, he can still log in to the estos UCServer with his Windows® login.

Use this setting only if all computers and users are members of one domain.

Online services

Here you can view the status of the connection to UCConnect and the licenses stored in UCConnect.

After the complete setup of ProCall Business, you can invite users for mobile app usage.

When using the mobile app, note the required permissions in the firewall.

estos ProCall Business runs for 3 days without connection to UCConnect or without successful login to UCConnect.



Here the lines provided by the telephone system are administered. If there is a working TAPI connection to the PBX, the lines are displayed here. The single lines can be activated/deactivated.

Add telephone system

You can connect a telephone system to estos ProCall Business.

  • You can connect your local PBX via TAPI or ECSTA (to control the phones) and/or via "SIP Softphone" (to use ProCall as a softphone).
  • You can only connect a cloud PBX via "SIP Softphone" (for using ProCall as a softphone).

Select your telephone system in the "Select telephone systems" menu.

Depending on the selected telephone system, you will now be offered to set up the connection using integrated ECSTA and/or to set up the SIP connection.

In the next step, select your telephone system/cloud provider and enter the required data.

Set up TAPI connection

(Control telephones via the ProCall Client)

The configuration depends on the telephone system used.

The following applies in principle to the ECSTA supplied:

  • Enter the IP address and the port of your telephone system.
  • Enter the extensions set up in the telephone system individually or use the functions under "Extras" to have the extensions entered.
  • Finish and save the configuration by confirming with "OK".

The configuration can be called up again at any time via the context menu of the line group.

For the setup of other TAPI drivers please refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Set up SIP lines (ProCall client) as softphone function

(ProCall Client function as a softphone)

Enter the IP address/FQDN in the "Registrar" field and specify the port. In the next step, you must enter a registration. Further registrations can be set up later on the "Softphone registrations" tab.
Please refer to the softphone setup instructions for your telephone system under Connection instructions for telephone systems.

For further information on setting up and configuring the SIP and TAPI lines, please refer to the estos ProCall UCServer (Business Edition) Help.

The lines available in the TAPI/ECSTA driver and the SIP registrations entered are now displayed in the "UCServer Administration Business" and can be selected.

Additional required configuration

With a "right mouse click" on the respective line group, the properties of the line group can be called up. Set the location for the connection here.

Select the tab with the name of the connection (e.g. ECSTA for OpenScape...).

To do this, select the following in the "Location settings" menu item for the "Location of the group":

TAPI/ECSTA connection

SIP connectionDefault SIP

After setting up the site, the phone numbers of the lines must be displayed in the "Phone number" column in the format +49.


If the "Location" information is incorrect, the following problems can occur:

  • Incoming and/or call numbers are displayed incorrectly.
  • Calls to internal and/or external subscribers cannot be established.

A telephone system with one location can be connected to estos ProCall Business. Enter the information on your exchange connection and the dialing rules here.

Open the "Default" location by means of a "double click".

Select the country under "General" and enter the area code.

Then switch to the "Telephone system" menu item.

Select whether the exchange connection of the telephone system is a system connection or a multi-device connection. The data required depends on the type of connection. Enter the required information on the extension and/or length of the internal telephone numbers.

In the "TAPI connection" and "SIP connection" menu items, you have to enter information about outside line access for outgoing calls and the outside line access code transmitted by the PBX for incoming calls. Since these can be different for the connection via TAPI and SIP, you should fill in both menu items.

In the "Advanced" menu item, you can define which "dialing rules" are to be used for outgoing calls. By default, all phone numbers entered at the ProCall Business client are max. shortened and then passed to the telephone system.

If the phone number is to be transmitted to the telephone system in E.164 format or always with area code, you must adjust these settings.

After finishing the configuration, check the phone numbers of all lines. These must be displayed in the format +49304657487!

Telephone journal

Specify if and after how many days journal entries and chat messages should be deleted from the database.

User administration


If a user administration with Active Directory® Server was selected under "General – User database", all users from the Active Directory® are displayed. Otherwise, you must create each estos ProCall Business user via "Add".

The setting options and defaults for the estos ProCall Business functions are the same in both cases. Only the information on the "General" tab cannot be changed when managing users in the Active Directory®.

If telephone numbers are entered for the users in the Active Directory® and these can be assigned to the lines created under "Lines", these are automatically assigned to users. Otherwise, open each user and assign the corresponding line to the users on the "Phone numbers" tab. A maximum of 2 lines can be assigned to each user.

If the user has a mailbox, enter the extension under "Mailbox". If the users have a mailbox, you can set up "Administrative call forwarding" for the SIP line.

On the "Permissions" tab, you can assign permissions to users on other users. These can no longer be reduced by the users. Also, note the settings under "Global settings".


If a user administration with Active Directory® Server was selected under "General – User database", all groups from the Active Directory® are displayed. Otherwise, you have to create the required groups via "Add". After entering the members, you can assign permissions to the users among themselves, and optionally assign extended permissions to a group leader.

Tab monitor groups/keys


Entering/setup of the computer accounts is optional. Two telephones can be assigned that are always located next to this computer (as a rule, these are not mobile telephones). When a user logs on to this computer, these phones are assigned in the estos ProCall Business client, even if the user is not the owner of these phones.

Via the context menu on one of the entries, the estos ProCall Business client can be installed on the computer using the "Update server" function.


The settings are valid for all estos ProCall Business users.

Fax domain

If you are using a "fax-to-mail/mail-to-fax" system, e.g. estos ixi-UMS, enter the fax domain on the "Fax" tab. This allows users to create a fax directly by clicking on the fax number, and incoming fax messages are recognized as such.

With the settings profile "Default", users can be given some settings for the estos ProCall Business client.
If settings are configured here, users can no longer change them.

Global settings

Define here which rights the users have among each other in general. The settings are valid for all users and can be extended via the group and user permissions. The permissions set here can no longer be reduced on the user and group objects.


Update server

estos ProCall Business has its own software distribution. New estos ProCall Business client software can be automatically distributed to workstations. New client software is automatically made available by updating the estos UCServer (Business Edition). Specify the time period in which an update is to be performed.

Mail dispatch

Use the mail dispatch to define whether users or administrators are to receive information by e-mail. Enter the connection data to the mail server for this.

  • The user receives "missed calls"/"unanswered calls" messages.
  • The administrator receives messages about errors in estos UCServer (Business Edition).

Share content

Files can be transferred in the text chat. If you activate this function, you must specify in which folder these files are to be saved. Note here that sufficient storage space is available.

The size and type of the files can be limited. You should also specify after how many days the files should be deleted automatically (recommended).

Push notifications

Push notifications are sent when a user is logged in to the estos UCServer (Business Edition) with a "Mobile App" and a new message or call is received for this user.

All devices registered with the "Mobile App" are displayed – regardless of whether they are in the local network or on the move.

The Online status means that the user is currently connected to the application. This is the case, for example, when the mobile app is currently open.

This service is only available with a valid support and service contract.

Contact details

In estos ProCall Business, various contact data sources and web phonebooks can be connected to make the contact data available to all estos ProCall Business users.

Import contact details

Contact data can be imported:

  • from text/CSV files
  • via the Microsoft® Exchange Web Service (EWS)

  • from Microsoft® Office 365 via the Microsoft®Graph interface

  • from the Microsoft® Active Directory

For information on setting up each replicator, see the UCServer (Business Edition) Help.

Telephone directories

The connection of the following phonebooks is supported:

  • TVG Telefonbuch Webservice
  • Swisscom Directories Data

For setup, you need a valid account with the respective provider, as well as additional login information if necessary.

Registration and activation must have taken place beforehand on the website of the respective provider.

Share login data

After setting up the users and all required services, the estos ProCall Business client can be installed and used on workstations. If necessary, provide users with the required login data.

Users who can use the Mobile Apps can be informed about the setup via the invitation in the "Online Services" menu.