State of knowledge

October 2021
Version Info: 21H2

In ProCall Business, preset configurations facilitate easy commissioning. These cannot be changed.

Settings in ProCall Business server

  • User management in Active Directory: phone numbers are stored in super canonical format. Example: +49815136856177
  • An SQLite database is integrated into estos ProCall Business for storing journal data, chat messages, and appointments.
  • Unanswered calls:
    • All users to whom the phone has rung will have this call marked as unanswered in the journal.
    • In the case of forwarded and answered calls, all users who have not answered the call will have this call marked as unanswered in the journal.

  • If the "E-mail in absence" function is activated, all users for whom the telephone has rung will receive an e-mail.
    Exception: If the call has rung for less than 2 seconds-

Settings in the ProCall Business client

  • The ProCall client is registered as the default for IM.
  • Journal entries cannot be deleted.
  • Sounds can be changed in Windows under Control Panel – Sounds.
  • The call window:
    • is displayed for all incoming and outgoing calls.
    • is closed after the end of the call.
    • is automatically opened at a suitable place on the screen. Other ProCall windows that are already open are not overlaid.
  • The transparent display of ProCall Business windows is not supported.
  • Contact search in ProCall Business client:
    • The search is supported for:
      • Last name
      • First name
      • Company
      • Postal code and location
      • Street
      • Phone numbers
    • In the search result is output (if available and authorized):
      • Contact image
      • Presence
      • Display name
      • Company
      • Address
      • Phone numbers
      • E-mail address
      • Website
      • Data source
  • Message windows are opened in the foreground and not automatically hidden.