State of knowledge

December 2021

Please note the end of life product lifecycle for MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise is the end of 2021:


Updating datasets with Microsoft Dynamics 365 replicator in MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise fails with an error message:

The connection to the server cannot be established...

Example screenshot: Error message database wizard – exception: Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolve
Example screenshot: Error message database wizard – An error occurred when processing the security tokens in the message


For Microsoft Dynamics 365, the interface for reading out the data has changed in such a way that a new development of the replicator had to take place. The old interface was deactivated by Microsoft.


When using cloud services, make sure to use the latest product version and update to MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise with version 5.0.14 or later.

As of December 2021, the latest product version is MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise (see Product life cycle), which supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 connectivity.