State of knowledge

December 2021


In UCServer, "duplicate" lines cannot be managed separately. (location, activation, etc.)

Example screenshot: UCServer Administration – ECSTA line group for SIP phones


  • uaCSTA 
  • Clients with overlapping extension range


  • 1 uaCSTA Server
  • 1 ECSTA instance (dynamic line image)

Possible reason

The ECSTA always transfers Line number@ECSTA_instance to the UCServer as "device ID". This device ID is always the same if the extensions are the same.

However, since the UCServer stores settings for the line based on the device ID, both lines cannot be managed separately.


From version of ECSTA for SIP phones, the following registry key (only global for all instances) has to be added:


Now the settings can be managed separately.

Import into a running environment

If the registry key is imported into a running environment, the settings for all lines in the UCServer are lost.