March 2024
from ProCall Voice Services Version 2403.0

By default, ProCall Voice Services support the creation and configuration of hunt groups/call groups to which subscribers (agents) can log on and off.
Callers are then not answered first, but are immediately put through to the registered subscribers.

If the call is placed on hold, the caller is accepted and kept on hold until a registered subscriber answers the call.

A queue cannot currently be set up completely via the configuration in UCServer, but can be set up for the system by estos support if required.

Scope/options of the waiting loop in the ProCall Voice Services

  1. Login/logout of agents (participants)
  2. Time control/working hours with announcement or voice mailbox
  3. Specify the number of callers on hold.
    Further callers receive a busy signal.
  4. Callers remain on hold until they are connected or hang up.
  5. If no agent is logged on to the waiting loop, the caller is forwarded to a defined number.
  6. The following options are available for distributing the calls:
    1. Parallel
      The call is delivered to all free agents at the same time
    2. Longest time-out
      The call is transferred to the agent who has not had a call for the longest time.
  7. After answering the call, a "welcome announcement" can be played. The standard music on hold is then played.
  8. Every 20 seconds, the caller is informed of their current waiting position.

Setting up the waiting loop in the ProCall Voice Services

The setup of the queue is carried out via the UCServer administration and must also be carried out by estos support for the system.

Setup in the UCServer

The following configuration must be carried out on the UCServer and can be changed later:

  • Creating/activating a group for the hunt group and specifying the call number
  • Adding participants (agents) to this group
  • Specify the working and after-work times and the desired announcement/voice mailbox

Setup by estos support

After the group has been created in the UCServer administration, estos Support can reconfigure this collection group to a queue.

Required information

To submit the required information for setup/modification, please create a ticket in the support portal with the following information:

The following information, specifications and announcements must be available to estos Support for the configuration:

    1. Maximum number of callers that can be in the queue
    2. Call number for the drop location if no agent is logged on
    3. Duration of the wrap-up time after an agent has ended a call.
      1. Default = 0
      2. 10 sec
      3. Specified in seconds
    4. Ringing strategy
      1. Parallel
      2. Longest time-out
    5. Welcome message as .wav file
      1. Default: none
      2. max. 30MB, mono, 8kHz or 16kHz, 16 bit, PCM
        The maximum announcement length should not exceed 30 minutes at 8 kHz or 15 minutes at 16 kHz.

These settings can only be changed by estos support.