State of knowledge

July 2024

Subsequent end devices/phones can be used with estos ProCall Voice Services.

For these end devices, the connection via the estos ECSTA for SIP phones is also supported. Detailed information on end devices/telephones for ECSTA for SIP Phones can be found here: Overview of the phones/end devices supported by ECSTA for SIP phones

End devices/telephones

Desktop telephones


  • D3xx Series (D315, D385)
  • D7xx Series (D717, D715 , D725, D735, D785)
  • D865 (from ProCall 8.5)
  • VP59
  • T48S, T46S, T42S, T41S 
  • T58V, T58A, T56A, T57W, T54W, T53W, T54S, T52S

DECT Systems


Multi-cellEnd device


N670 IP PRO 
(from ProCall V. 8.3.0)

  • S650H PRO
  • SL800H PRO
  • R650H PRO
  • SL750H PRO
  • S700H PRO

Analogue telephone adapter (ATA)


  • HT802
    (from ProCall V. 8.3.0)

Further information

ProCall Voice Services – Setting up end devices

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