State of knowledge

March 2024
from Call Voice Services version 2403.0

IVR-System (Interactive Voice Response)

The ProCall Voice Services offer a one-step IVR as standard, which can be set up via the UCServer administration.

A multi-level IVR can only be set up and changed by estos support.
What information we need for the setup/change can be found under Required information in the last section of this article.

Scope of the multi-level IVR

  • One dial-in number
  • Time control/working hours with announcement or voice mailbox
  • A main menu with 9 selection options
  • 8 submenus, each with 9 selection options
  • One announcement per menu, which must include all selection options
  • Drop to an extension if no selection is made for 20 seconds

Incoming call -> Welcome message incl. available menu items

1 -> DW 201

2 -> DW 203

3 -> Submenu 2 -> Announcement incl. available menu items

                                        1 -> DW 306

                                        2 -> DW 308

                                        3 -> DW 310

                                        4 -> Submenu 3 à Announcement incl. available menu items

                                                            1 -> DW 402

                                                            2 -> DW 450

4-> DW 210

No selection made -> DW 100

Setting up the multi-level IVR

For the setup of the IVR by estos support, all required settings and definitions must be available, as no settings or changes can be made by the customer.

Required information

To submit the necessary information for setup/modification, please create a Ticket in the support portal with the following information:
  1. Detailed representation of the menu structure

  2. Connection destinations per menu item

  3. Messages

    1. for each menu

    2. maximum 30MB per announcement, mono, 8kHz or 16kHz, 16 bit, PCM
      The maximum announcement length should not exceed 30 minutes at 8 kHz or 15 minutes at 16 kHz.

  4. Working hours and closing times for time control (optional))

    1. Specify whether there should be a voice mailbox or just an after-work message

    2. Greeting for the after-work announcement or voice mailbox (optional)

    3. If voice mailbox: Subscribers who should receive the messages left in the voice mailbox.