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June 2023
CLIP No Screening is automatically available for ProCall Voice Services users from versions ProCall 8 Enterprise 8.2 and ProCall 7 Enterprise from 7.7.2 onwards

Define CallerID - which phone number should be transmitted?

With CLIP No Screening as a feature of the cloud PBX ProCall Voice Services, it is possible to assign a call number per user that is signaled externally during external calls. This is a different number than the one assigned to the user.

''CLIP'' means Calling Line Identification Presentation, and CLIP No Screening specifies a caller ID for outgoing calls that includes a number other than the network-side number.

This makes it possible to signal any phone number from your own phone number list.
Technically, these could also be third-party numbers, but it is essential to observe usage rights and legal requirements.

Please observe the legal requirements for the transmission of telephone numbers in the public telephone network and thus for CLIP No Screening.
For example, you must have the right of use for the telephone numbers that you transmit.
Only domestic numbers may be transmitted, not foreign numbers. 

Certain services are excluded from CLIP No Screening. CLIP No Screening may not apply to emergency calls.

Areas of application

With CLIP No Screening, it is possible to signal any phone number from a user's own phone number list for all external calls.

Sender extension/group number

Companies like to set up the sender extension -0 of the switchboard or a group number so that callers arrive first at the switchboard or a group number when they are called back. From there, they are then assigned to individual employees according to department/availability.

Migration scenario/number porting

Another typical use case is the migration scenario: A company wants to switch to ProCall Voice Services and immediately make calls via the new cloud PBX. Due to an ongoing deadline for number porting, it is possible that the losing provider has not yet released the number. With CLIP No Screening, the customer can still make calls with the new PBX and signal his previous phone number as the originator.

Setup in UCServer

CLIP No Screening can be easily set up in the UCServer administration under the menu item signaling per user:
How do I activate CLIP No Screening for ProCall Voice Services?

Further information

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