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July 2022

This article shows you where you can find the so-called debug log files of the estos ProCall Enterprise client for macOS on an Apple computer in the Finder in order to make them available to your responsible support instance for analysis if necessary.

For your attention

Log files can only be examined if meaningful anchor points are available. Therefore, always provide the following additional information

    • When did a fault occur (specify time and date, at least to the minute)?
    • Which internal extensions were involved?
    • Which external participants were involved?
    • Description of the workflow or call flow that led to an error.


The estos ProCall Enterprise client for macOS logs essential operations and events.
In contrast to the ProCall Enterprise client for Windows, this logging is carried out on the macOS client without any special configuration measures..

Logging takes place in the appropriately access-protected user folder of the ProCall Enterprise client user ~/Library/Logs/ProCall Mac.
The log files are stored in this directory using the naming scheme "ProCall Mac.YYYY-MM-DDTHH/MM/SS/MSZ.log".

To locate the log files in the Finder, the easiest way is to select the Finder shortcut Shift-Command-G to use it to open the "Go to Folder" window.
This input window can optionally be reached in the Finder menu under Go - Go to Folder...

Example screenshot: Home – Admin – Go – Go to Folder

In this window, you now enter the location of the estos ProCall Enterprise client for macOS log files:

~/Library/Logs/ProCall Mac.
Example screenshot: ProCall Mac – Admin – Logs – Got to the folder 

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