State of knowledge

February 2022

Observation and effect

The update service on the ProCall Windows workstation cannot install the ProCall client for Windows or an upgrade from version 6 to cannot be performed.

Affected versions

Only ProCall Enterprise versions are affected

  • to (inclusive) 

Only affected are

  • New installations of the update service on the client with these versions
  • An upgrade from ProCall 6 Enterprise to these versions has been performed.


The ProCall client for Windows update service shipped with versions and cannot connect to the UCServer to download and then install the client installation package.

If an older version (i.e. between 7.0.0 and 7.3.2) of the update service of the ProCall client for Windows has already been installed on a Windows workstation, only a working version of the update service has been installed and will not be replaced when updating to an affected version.

Therefore, only new installations or upgrade processes are affected.


When upgrading from ProCall 6 Enterprise (EOL) to ProCall 7 Enterprise or for a new installation, the ProCall Enterprise hotfix is used (ProCall 7.3.4 Enterprise Release Notes).

However, if the error has already occurred, the update service must be manually reinstalled with a working version or remotely installed via the UCServer in order to overwrite the faulty update service..
This can only be done manually, because the update service can no longer communicate with the server.

If you are unsure about the installation, please contact our support and specify as precisely as possible which versions you are using, which versions have been updated or upgraded from, or whether it is a new installation.