State of knowledge

January 2021

With ProCall Enterprise, you have the option of specifying a group leader and deputy when assigning authorizations via groups in UCServer Administration. Group leaders and deputies have special rights.

This article explains, with an example, how to define the role of a group leader.

Group leader/deputy

The group leader and his (optional) deputy have a superior role in the group. They can be assigned extended permissions to the group members.
The users who are entered as group leaders/deputies do not necessarily have to be group members.
If a group leader is defined, the authorization field appears, in which the authorizations can then be defined.

You can find more information in the ProCall 7 Enterprise documentation

Example: Procedure for setting up a group leader

Target behavior

In this example, the group leader should be able to see who the group members are talking to on the phone. Group members, on the other hand, should not be able to see who the group leader is talking to on the phone. The group leader should not be a member of the group.

Settings in the UCServer

  • Global settings: assign only public rights
  • Create or activate the group. 
  • Set authorization of the group as desired.
  • Select group leader and deputy if necessary.
  • Now set the additional permissions to 'Business' here.


The behavior is now such that the groups have the same rights as defined either in Global Settings or in the group.

The group leader now has the permission set there on the members of the group. If all rights have been assigned correctly, the group leader can now see who is calling whom in the group members.

Authorization structure additive

The system for assigning rights is additive. Rights that you specify in one place can only be extended in another place, but not restricted.

Create additional group leaders

If you want to give more than two people (group leader and deputy) special authorization to a group, the easiest way is to create an identical group additionally with the same authorizations and enter additional group leaders/deputies there.