State of knowledge

October 2023

ProCall Enterprise from version 8.3


When installing the UCServer, the installer terminates after entering the UCConnect data with an error message: "The setup wizard for estos UCServer was terminated prematurely."

Example screenshot: Error message UCServer Setup: The setup for estos UCServer was terminated prematurely.


Possible reason

.Net Framework obsolete

A .Net Framework 4.6 is installed on the Microsoft Windows Server.

For UCServer version 8 and higher, at least a .Net Framework 4.8 is required.
see System requirements

Checking possible causes


The MSI log states the following:

MSI (c) (9C:4C) [09:34:54:454]: Doing action: FatalError Aktion gestartet um 09:34:54: FatalError. Aktion beendet um 09:38:19: FatalError. Rückgabewert 2. Aktion beendet um 09:38:19: INSTALL. Rückgabewert 3. MSI (c) (9C:4C) [09:38:19:286]: Destroying RemoteAPI object. MSI (c) (9C:2C) [09:38:19:286]: Custom Action Manager thread ending. === Protokollierung beendet: 27.10.2023 09:38:19 === MSI (c) (9C:4C) [09:38:19:286]: Note: 1: 1708 MSI (c) (9C:4C) [09:38:19:286]: Produkt: estos UCServer -- Fehler bei der Installation. MSI (c) (9C:4C) [09:38:19:286]: Das Produkt wurde durch Windows Installer installiert. Produktname: estos UCServer. Produktversion: Produktsprache: 1031. Hersteller: estos. Erfolg- bzw. Fehlerstatus der Installation: 1603.

Check .Net Framework version

To check which .Net Framework is installed, do the following:

  • Open Windows PowerShell as an administrator.
  • Enter Get-ChildItem 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP' -Recurse | Get-ItemProperty -Name Version, Release -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Select Version, Release and confirm with Enter.
  • Now you will see all .Net Framework available to the system.


  • Post-install a .Net Framework >= 4.8.
  • Restart the Microsoft Windows Server.
  • Install the UCServer again.