State of knowledge

June 2019

Although a phone book was successfully integrated in the MetaDirectory, it is not possible to search in the phone book on the ProCall client.


For the phone book search to work on ProCall Client, the following settings are required:


Configuration -> General -> License settings

  • Make sure that you have the required license for your version/edition.
  • Please note that for permanent use of the free version, the ProCall license must be installed in MetaDirectory.

Configuration -> Database -> Database management

  • Make sure that the phonebook data sources appear in the database management under node dc=phonebooks

Configuration -> Phonebooks

  • Check the connection of the used phonebook using the 'Check' button in the phonebook settings.
  • Please note that independent licenses from the manufacturer are required for the operation of the phone book.


Configuration -> Database -> MetaDirectory

Ensure that:

  • The checkbox 'Use estos MetaDirectory' is enabled.
  • The correct MetaDirectory server has been entered (if necessary, check name resolution or use IP address).
  • Match the encryption and user ID settings with the MetaDirectory configuration.
  • The correct database node is used (default: dc=phonebooks).
  • The checkbox 'Use in ProCall' and optionally 'Use in UCServer' is checked.

Configuration -> User management -> Users

Open the properties of the users and ensure that:

  • In the Services tab, the 'Use phonebooks' checkbox is enabled.

ProCall Client

Settings -> Search -> Data sources

Ensure that:

  • A central phone book is displayed on the server, which is entered in the UCServer configuration.
  • If not, restart the ProCall client so that the setting can be taken over from the UCServer.
  • The search data sources in the search line (left) is either set to 'All' or to 'Phonebooks'.