Quick guide about the main features of ProCall 6 Enterprise (EOL) for macOS

Your extension number always under control

Click on your extension to set this line as default.

Manage lines

  • Define standard line
  • Set/remove call forwarding
  • Call protection on/off
  • Remote Office on/off

Please note:

ProCall Enterprise client for macOS only supports TAPI lines provided by the estos ProCall Enterprise server. If a SIP subscriber line or a line from a SIP trunk connection is also assigned to a user via the UCServer administration, this line is not made available to the user in ProCall Enterprise client for macOS. If, on the other hand, this user works with the ProCall Enterprise Client for Windows or with the estos ProCall mobile app, the user will also be able to use the SIP lines. The ProCall Enterprise client for macOS is currently basically not equipped for processing audio or video streams.

Line display

Overview of your calls and conversations

Under "Calls" you can see your call journal

  • Missed/unanswered calls
  • Guided phone calls
  • Date and time

"Calls" – Your Journal

Right-click on an entry:

  • Call
  • Mark entry as edited/unedited
  • Open contact details
  • TextChat
  • Delete from the call journal

Mark all entries as edited

To call

To start a telephone call:

  • Direct entry of the phone number via "Search"
  • Right-click on an entry under "Calls"
  • Right-click on the contact under "Favorites"

Use dialing help with ProCall/Commands

Mark number in the active application:

  • Keyboard shortcut


  • Right mouse button – Services –- Dial with ProCall

Change the preset keyboard shortcut for dialing

Under System Settings/Services Settings/ Shortcuts/Keyboard/Text: Dial with ProCall 
Double click on

Search for a contact and enter a phone number manually

All connected contact databases can be searched for a contact or search term using the search bar. 

In the search window, you can also enter a phone number manually and start the call here with Enter.  

During a call

Duration of the call

You can see how long you are on the phone with someone during an active call. 

In an active conversation

you can

  • Hold call
  • Initiate consultation
  • Forward call
  • Toggle
  • Conference
  • transmit signals via DTMF dialing

You can end the call by hanging up. After ending the call, you will see the call in your journal under Calls.

Filter/Search Calls

  • By number
  • By name
  • All/only unprocessed calls 
  • Filter out internal calls

Presence management

Set and recognize the status

The presence status is formed according to defined rules, e.g. via telephony services or set manually by you, you can set an absence note to comment on your presence status.

Presence state

More info about the contact

Absence note

Your contacts will see your presence status and your absence note (depending on the permissions granted).


  • Add contact
  • Create a new group, e.g. Marketing, Sales, Administration
  • Rename group
  • Remove group
  • Move group
  • Move contacts to another group simply by mouse click

Authorization levels

By setting an authorization level for a contact, you define the degree of information depth that you share with this contact. Depending on the authorization, you can, for example, pick up calls from other contacts (pickup function).

Authorization levels can already be predefined by the administrator and thus cannot be extended.

  • Blocked
  • Public
  • Business
  • Team member
  • Personal

Do not miss/notifications

You'll see what's coming up in a moment:

  • New chat messages
  • New contact requests
  • Missed calls

Desk info

Dock info

Contact details


Right-clicking on a contact/favorite or the result of a search will provide you with additional information about the contact, such as:

  • Phone numbers
  • Appointments
  • E-mail address
  • IM Address
  • Upcoming dates (depending on configuration)
  • Data source
  • Group assignment
  • Authorization level
  • Contact options
  • (TextChat, call, e-mail)
  • Send contact details
  • Transfer contact details to the address book
  • Delete a contact from favorites



You can start a TextChat with your contacts. The chat can be started either from the contact details, the call window by right-clicking or from the chat window. Besides plain text message, you can also use emojis here.

An icon next to the message indicates whether it has already been delivered/read.

Chat journal

Overview of your recent chats

Quick Start Guide as PDF

A quick overview of essential functions


The availability of the functions depends, among other things, on the system environment used, ProCall version, configuration and authorizations granted.

Status from March 2019