This article explains how to set the line option Caller ID suppression on/off for the ProCall client.

The line options "Caller ID suppression on" and "Caller ID suppression off" for the ProCall client are implemented in the UCServer in the line group settings via feature codes.

Setting via Line group properties

In UCServer -> Telephony -> Lines -> Line group properties -> Settings -> [OK] and Apply...

This is not displayed as an option in the ProCall Client call window, but only on the ProCall Client on the line as a selection to activate and deactivate.

Setting CTI feature code using the example of a concrete telephone system

For HiPath 3000 telephone system from Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications) and its feature codes:

*86 switch on
#86 switch off

Example screenshot CTI feature codes 

Telephone system specific

Feature codes are PBX-specific. Please refer to the corresponding documentation for the respective telephone system to insert the correct feature codes.