State of knowledge

December 2020. ProCall Client in conjunction with Microsoft SQL Server.


Chatting in ProCall Client (using Microsoft SQL Server) is not possible: the chat window remains empty.

UCServer reports the error "EDatabaseConnection::GetEvents;Field 'ReplyToSeqID' not found".

Possible reason

As of UCServer version, SQL table "ChatEvents" has been extended by columns "ReplyToSeqID" and "ForwardedFrom".

In certain constellations, the SQL database is not updated during an update/upgrade of the UCServer.

For example, when updating/upgrading from to, the columns "ReplyToSeqID" and "ForwardedFrom" in dbo.ChatEvents may not be created.


Check if the columns "ReplyToSeqID" and "ForwardedFrom" are present in the table dbo.ChatEvents.


In UCServer version 7.1.2 and higher, this behavior no longer occurs.


As a workaround, you can manually create the columns ReplyToSeqID (int,NULL) and "ForwardedFrom (nvarchar(MAX),NULL) in the SQL Server table dbo.ChatEvents.

Example screenshot for a workaround: Allow null values for dbo.ChatEvents