State of knowledge

December 2019


For both ixi-UMS 6 Business and ProCall 6 Enterprise, the product life cycle has ended

This article explains how to configure the integration of ixi-UMS 6 Business in ProCall 6 Enterprise:
It must be configured both on the UCServer and in the ixi-UMS Business Admin web interface.

UCServer settings

In UCServer Administration: User management --> Profiles --> Profile properties.

  • CustomTabs tab: Enter the URL of the ixi-UMS Business Web Journal here.
  • [Important] Trustworthy site --> Set check mark.
  • Fax tab: "Use Fax Exchange Gateway" --> enter the fax domain here.

Settings in the ixi-UMS web interface

Under Settings --> Advanced --> ProCall 6 Integration:

  • Enter UCServer address.

To use the Single sign-on mechanism, Microsoft's Active Directory must be used for user management.