State of knowledge
January 2023


The UCServer of ProCall 6 Enterprise does not start/"crashes".

In the log file startup.txt the error message "Database Version is X. Expected version is Y. Please update UCServer."


A downgrade was made to a ProCall Enterprise of the software, which is not compatible with the database version.


When running an installation, which can also be a downgrade, the database version is not checked for compatibility.

There is no warning or error message during installation. 

Update/upgrade path without the possibility to downgrade

With an update/upgrade to one of the mentioned product versions (and all product versions between two database versions), the database is also irrevocably changed. After that, a downgrade – change to an older product version with an older database version – is no longer possible. A downgrade to a version within the same database version is possible.

Overview table: Database versions in ProCall Enterprise

The following tables show an overview of the product versions with which a new database version was introduced.

ProCall 6 Enterprise (EOL)

Database versionsIntroduced with ProCall 6 Enterprise version






ProCall 7 Enterprise

Database versionsIntroduced with ProCall 7 Enterprise version