June 2020


  • UCServer from Version 7
  • Sufficient hard disk space

Requirement: Authorization for chat

To make the Share Content feature available to users, the 'Chat' and 'Share content' features must be configured and enabled in the UCServer.

Settings in the UCServer administration

To use the Share content feature and enable users to transfer files in chat, the following configuration settings must be made.


The files for sending are cached on the UCServer. This way, the files can remain available for users who are not currently logged in.

Storage location: The files for the file transfer are temporarily stored in this directory on the hard disk. The files are not stored here in a readable form and are therefore protected against unauthorized access.

Activate function

In the UCServer Administration in the Services menu, you can activate and configure the use of the Share content function for the entire system under Share content.

Configuration options

UCServer Administration >> Services >> Content Sharing


Activates the Share content function for the entire system.

File location

Here you define the directory where the UCServer caches the files for file transfer.

Define total capacity 

Specification in MB
The capacity that may be used for storing the files in total before a warning message about low storage space is issued.
You can activate the warning message in the UCServer in the General menu under Events.

Maximum file size 

Specification in MB
Limits the file size for a single file

Technical limit: 25 MB

Blocked file extensions

Manage blacklist for files not allowed to be sent/received.

Delete files

After a certain time interval

To apply the settings for the UCServer and the share content function, confirm with OK.

You can administer individual users or groups in the UCServer Administration in the User Administration menu item.

User management: granting permissions

In the UCServer Administration in the User Administration menu you can grant permissions for users or user groups:

  • For users
  • For groups

Specify here under Services whether or not the user or group is allowed to use the Share content/File transfer function. For use, the two functions Chat and Share content must be configured and activated in the UCServer.