State of knowledge

May 2023

Open contacts in cobra CRM PLUS

Based on the data provided from cobra CRM PLUS via ODBC replicator of the MetaDirectory, for example, a found contact can be opened directly from ProCall in cobra CRM PLUS after phone number resolution.

This information has been provided to us by customers and has not been verified by ourselves. We do not provide support for this.


First, the dataset from the SQL database on which cobra CRM Plus is based is replicated to the MetaDirectory via ODBC replicator.

Important for further processing is the primary key field of the contacts in cobra CRM PLUS, which is provided as EntryID ProCall.

In the ProCall client, for example, a user-defined action can then be created that can be executed either automatically based on events or manually via button in the call window and/or as a menu entry.

Example: Screenshot: ProCall Settings – General - Actions – User defined actions with cobra CRM PLUS – Action name, application and command line

Application and command line for action name "Open CRM contact

Application: C:\Program Files\cobra\CRMPLUS\Programm\cobraProtocolParser.exe
Command line: cobra://goto/addresses/ID=<Contact.EntryID>

The executable program of cobra CRM PLUS cobraProtocolParser.exe is called with the Contact.EntryID provided via MetaDirectory.

Example: Call window customization with button for "Open CRM contact" action