This article explains how you can set a so-called full memory dump on the ProCall Client in case of a crash and make it available for error analysis.

Please use these settings only in case of a real crash, i.e. if the application (ecticlient.exe) cannot be found anymore in the memory.

If the ProCall client does not crash, but the ProCall client is still in storage, please apply the following article:

Creation of a debug log for ProCall client


  1. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ESTOS\UCServer4\CtiMain 
  2. Click in the menu Edit -> New -> DWORD value (32-bit)
  3. Enter "DUMP" as the name
  4. Enter "2" as the value (decimal)
  5. Restart ProCall client
  6. In case of a future crash, a full memory dump is created under "c:\crashreport"
  7. Please send us the corresponding file

Example screenshot

If no crash dumps are written to the c:\crashreport folder, the following article may help you:

The generated files are relatively large and therefore cannot simply be included as an attachment to a ticket. To provide the files, you can make them available on your file share system. Alternatively, provide us with the corresponding information in the ticket so that we can offer you the options to upload the files to us.