This article explains in a few steps what you have to consider when you move your server.

Server move

Moving the UCServer/MetaDirectory to a new system requires detailed expertise of the server operating system and appropriate permissions!

We recommend a fallback strategy in case the new server does not work as expected and it is necessary to switch to the old server at short notice.

Preparation for the move

    • Old server
      • Update the productive components of the existing server to the latest versions (within the major version).
    • New server
      • Reinstalling these latest versions on the new server with default settings.
      • Entering the licenses on the new server; in the case of hardware-bound licenses, these must be recoded to the new hardware.
      • If local references are used on the old server (e.g. replication of a local CSV file in MetaDirectory), they should be set up on the new server before performing the move.
      • If you use a local SQL server as a server database for the UCServer that is also to be migrated, then you must also migrate (export and import) its data according to Microsoft specifications.
    • Clients
      • Make sure that the clients can find the new server. To do this, prepare any DNS or Group Policy changes.
      • Inform users about the short-term failure of the services in question.

Implementation of the move

Exiting the server services

      • Stop the relevant server services (UCServer and MetaDirectory) on the old and new servers.

Transfer of configuration and data  

      • Copy the following directories from the old server to the new one as in the following example (depending on the UCServer or MetaDirectory version you are using)
        • C:\Program Files (x86)\ESTOS\MetaDirectory\database
        • C:\Program Files (x86)\ESTOS\MetaDirectory\config
        • C:\Program Files (x86)\ESTOS\UCServer\database
        • C:\Program Files (x86)\ESTOS\UCServer\config

Example screenshot

Going live

      • Switch the prepared DNS or GroupPolicy changes to productive
      • Start the relevant server services (UCServer and MetaDirectory) on the new server
      • Inform the users how to proceed further (restart, new login or similar)
      • Disable the server services on the old server