State of knowledge

 June 2021


In the ProCall client, the user's own line is missing, although a phone number is entered for the user in the UCServer.

In UCServer Administration – Users – Properties – Phone numbers, the confirmation that a telephony line was found for the entered phone numbers is missing.

Example screenshot UCServer Administration – Phone numbers – User's phone numbers

Possible reason

Due to incorrect location configuration, ProCall Enterprise does not recognize that the line belongs to the respective location.

This usually happens when the location specifies an extension range that the line does not match. E.g. if the site configuration states that all extensions are 2-digit, but the line has a 3-digit number (transmitted by the PBX).

Checking possible causes

Open the "Lines" menu item in the UCServer administration.

Verify that the telephone numbers of the lines are in full canonical format (including country and area codes and the facility phone number).

If the line numbers are only specified with the internal call number or without a country/location code, ProCall cannot perform automatic line assignment.


The description of a solution is not possible across the board and depends on the system environment and telephone system used.

Example – identical internal phone number and extension number

In the following example for a default case solution, the internal phone number is the same as the external extension number and has two digits.

In UCServer Administration, open the Site – Properties – Phone System menu item,

Specify the extension number space and the length of internal numbers so that both match the lines in use.

In this example, the extension number space can be "from 10 to 99" and the length of internal numbers can be "from 2 to 2" digits.

Extension 0 (zero) is not taken into account in this configuration! The specification "Length of internal phone numbers from 1 to x digits" is incorrect!

Example – different internal and external phone number

A possible solution in a case where the internal and external phone numbers are different (e.g. if the user has entered +49 (30) 123456-10, but the line is transmitted by the PBX with a prefix, e.g. 910):

In UCServer administration, open the Location – Properties – General menu item.

Check the "Show advanced settings" box.

Select the "Line numbers" menu item.

A rule for formatting must be added here, which replaces the prefix (in this example the 9) with the correct header number (+4930123456).

The rule formatting must be written as a regular expression.

In cases like this example, additional formatting rules are often necessary to ensure that internal phone numbers are correctly displayed and dialed during a call.