This article explains how to connect TVG Verlag's Das Telefonbuch Deutschland as a phone book data source to ProCall and MetaDirectory.

Local network installation or TVG Web-Service

Depending on whether you perform a TVG Telefonbuch Deutschland network installation locally on the MetaDirectory Server or use the TVG Web Service, the data you need to use in the MetaDirectory/UCServer configuration to connect to telephone books is different. 

Connection via MetaDirectory 4

Das Telefonbuch Deutschland local installation

If you use Das Telefonbuch Deutschland, search results from Das Telefonbuch Deutschland are output to ProCall clients.

  • Install MetaDirectory 4.
  • In the MetaDirectory Administrator under "Das Telefonbuch", check "Use Das Telefonbuch für Deutschland".
  • Enter the installation path, if it is not recognized automatically.
  • Press the button 'Check...' at Status, then OK and the number of TVG licenses should be displayed.

Das Telefonbuch Deutschland Web-Service

If you want to use Das Telefonbuch Deutschland Web-Service, you have to register and activate your account. You need the account information with a PIN for the MetaDirectory configuration.

After registration, you can update your user data by entering your email and password and clicking on Update Info.

Configuring Das Telefonbuch as a data source for ProCall

To use Das Telefonbuch Deutschland in ProCall, proceed as follows:

  • Activate the use of phone directories in UCServer under Configuration->Database->MetaDirectory.
  • Enable the Use phone directories service in the UCServer user or group settings under Configuration->User Management->Users/Groups.
  • To activate this setting on the ProCall client, the client must be logged on to the UCServer or restarted.

Connection directly to ProCall Enterprise Client or ProCall One R2

  • First, the TVG Telefonbuch Deutschland version must be installed on the client.
  • In the settings of the ProCall Client under Search -> Data Sources, the telephone book Germany should now be available as a data source, if not, you can create it manually via the 'Add...' button.
  • In the ProCall client settings under Search -> Data sources add the phone book data source 'Das Telefonbuch Deutschland...'.
  • Set the installation path and accept the data source.

Release note

For the use of Das Telefonbuch Deutschland, the terms of use of TVG Verlag apply. Since estos has no influence on the further development and license models of the provider, we cannot guarantee that the above-described manual is also valid for future releases without restrictions.