State of knowledge

May 2020. ProCall 7 Enterprise

ProCall allows you to perform a variety of actions when a specific event occurs (e.g. incoming call).

Prepare actions on the client

You can prepare the actions on a ProCall Client for Windows. When the client is closed, the settings are saved in the directory "%APPDATA%\estos\ProCall 7" in the file "actions.xml.

You can create a new XML file "predefinedActions.xml (same format as actions.xml) in the AppData/Roaming directory on the client PC.

The user actions defined there are then visible to the user, but cannot be edited. However, the user can still configure his own actions.

Administrative default

Default via registry key

Alternatively, you can create a "PredefinedActions" registry key in the Windows registry database Hive CtiMain and set it to an (absolute) path from which this file should be loaded (e.g. via network share).

Specification via XML file in Extended profiles on server (from PCE7)

Example screenshot Advanced Profiles – Default Actions

Restart required

To load the actions before logging on to the server, the client must be started for the second time.

Default via ADM(X) Group Policy templates (from PCE7)

Example screenshot Administrative templates – Default actions