State of knowledge

October 2021
Version info: 21H2

Profile settings available in the UCServerEnterpriseBusiness

General functions

Configure user account yourself(plus)

(red star)


Softphone, AudioChat(plus)(plus)
Softphone, Audio/VideoChat(plus)(plus)
Allow screen sharing via federation(plus)(minus)
Accept screen share prompt(plus)(plus)
Initiate screen sharing(plus)(plus)
Share access to the whole journal for all users(plus)(plus)
Users are allowed to delete journal entries(plus)(plus)
All users have all users in the monitor(plus)(plus)
Assigning rights to monitor groups(plus)(plus)
Automatically provide phone numbers configured in the user account as a line(plus)

(red star)


Use apps(plus)(plus)

Share content


Other external services

Business card visible for anonymous users(plus)(minus)


(plus)Function/setting option given
(minus)Not present/available, disabled
(red star)Preset/not configurable
(star)Limited configurability