State of knowledge

July 2022

Image path and image fields

There are two fields in MetaDirectory related to images. The Image Path field takes file or network paths under which images are stored, and the Image field takes binary data from images of valid formats.

In the MetaDirectory product help, this is defined as follows:


If a valid file or network path is specified in the image path and there is an image of a supported image format under this path, the image is replicated to the Image field in binary format and can be used by third-party applications under the LDAP field jpegPhoto.

Example screenshot: MetaDirectory Administrator – image and image path

The field "imagePath" is available to other applications like ProCall as LDAP field "imagePath" and can also contain different information like e.g. an image URL.
In such cases, no image is replicated to the "Image" field!

Example screenshot: MetaDirectory Administrator â€“ image URL in image path

ProCall takes a stored URL from the image path and independently loads an image available there in order to display it.

Currently, the image path in MetaDirectory is limited to 256 characters as the usual path length.
If more characters are stored, the replication terminates with an unknown error. 

Cancel replication of a text file with image paths