State of knowledge

May 2023


The Text Replicator terminates at 9,999 contacts to be replicated after images from an image path should be replicated additionally.
Without the images, the replication goes through without any problems. A reduced file to 5,000 contacts can be replicated with images without any problems.


Die Daten werden paketweise in die Datenbank des MetaDirectory geschrieben. Werden die Pakete zu groƟ (hier durch die Bilddaten), bricht die Replikation ab.


  1. Stop the MetaDirectory Server service.
  2. Modify (with administrative rights) the replicator XML file (<replicator name>.xml)
    under C:\Program Files\estos\MetaDirectory\config\replicators.
    In the file you will find the value TransactSize with the size 10,000. Change this value to, for example, 5,000: <TransactSize>5000</TransactSize>
  3. Save the file.
  4. Start the MetaDirectory server service.
  5. Replicate again,

Further information

Using the image path and replicating images