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April 2023


On an incoming call, a contact is not found, but it is present in the original data source. Partially, however, the contact is displayed as ~Company.

Possible cause/explanation

  1. The phone number was assigned to a number field during replication, which is not taken into account during the search.
  2. Not all records of the source were replicated due to primary key violations.

If the contact is displayed with ~Company only, only the part of the calling number before the extension number matches. Example +49 (8151) 36856-xxx


Set checkmark for number search for all filled phone number fields

If the phone number of the source was assigned in the replicator, e.g. to the Tel. company, then this field should also be taken into account in the phone number search.

estos MetaDirectory Administrator – Configuration – Search – Standard search – Search fields

These hooks are not always set for performance reasons!

Use unique key when replicating data

Example of a replication problem in the source data:

Company IDCompanyEmployee IDNameFirst namePhone numberE-mail
1estos1FrischLena+49 (8151)
2Starface1BohmDirk+49 (721)
2Starface2FreyStefan+49 (721)
2Starface3LangChristine+49 (721)

+49 (89) 250070-111


Problematic assignment in the replicator, because the company ID (red in the table above) occurs multiple times:

As a result, not all contacts can be replicated.

Since the employee ID is also not unique across the companies (green in the table above), one can arrive at a unique key in this example, for example, by concatenating the two key fields Company ID and Employee ID:

This is achieved simply by double-assigning fields.

Further information

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