State of knowledge

August 2022


A client has been set to inactive in the DATEV workstation.

MetaDirectory replicates this client even though "Do not replicate inactive addressees" was enabled in the Replicator Wizard. 

Example screenshot: Replicators – Database wizard – DATEV Basis options – Do not replicate inactive addressees 

Possible reason/explanation

Mandate – clients – addressees

MetaDirectory replicates addressees, not clients, from the DATEV master data service.
The elementary contacts in the DATEV master data service are the addressees. These can have the role of a client.

With the deactivation of a client, the addressee remains active. 

Example screenshot: DATEV – Master data overviews – addressees active – mandate inactive


If an addressee is not to be replicated, it must also be deactivated in the DATEV workstation.

Further information

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