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July 2023
from MetaDirectory 5.0.20

MetaDirectory app for Microsoft Teams – overview

With the "estos MetaDirectory app for Microsoft Teams", you can integrate the MetaDirectory web server directly as an app in Microsoft Teams and use it in the Teams client.

estos MetaDirectory has an integrated web server that can be used to provide a telephone directory. By installing it centrally on a server, all employees can immediately use the web-based search service of the estos MetaDirectory phone book. The search portal is used for searching and presenting the results. In this way, the contact data is available to all authorized persons at all times and in all places.

This web server is displayed directly as an app in the Teams client and enables the following functions, among others:

  • Contact search
  • Phone number search
  • Select from search result
  • Various further URL calls such as "mailto:" etc.
  • Optional: Business Process Integration (CEBP)
Example screenshot: estos MetaDirectory and search entry

Video tutorial

Set up estos MetaDirectory App for Microsoft Teams 
(Recording of our webinar Tech Essentials LIVE January 2023)

Language: German
Duration: approx. 15 minutes

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Requirements and restrictions


  • MetaDirectory from version 5.0.20
  • Enabled WebService HTTPS in MetaDirectory (MetaDirectory Administrator → Services → Web Server).
  • DNS record and matching trusted certificate in the organization
  • Accessibility of the web server from the Microsoft Teams client workstation
  • Recommendation: Microsoft Teams Windows desktop client (no preview version!)


An unencrypted connection to the web server is not possible. It must be ensured that the connection is recognized as "secure" by the client workstation.

If you use user management in MetaDirectory, you must ensure that automatic user logon to the MetaDirectory web server is possible without prompting for authentication. You can find instructions on how to do this here:

It is recommended to use the app in the Microsoft Teams Windows desktop client and not in the web client, as URL shortcuts like tel: do not work there.


Once you have fulfilled the above requirements, connect to a client workstation on which the functionality is to be fulfilled later. Open the Microsoft Edge browser and connect to the MetaDirectory web server. e.g.. "".

If the MetaDirectory web service overview page is now displayed without prompting for a username/password and is recognized as "secure", then the requirements on the MetaDirectory side have been met:


In the installation directory of MetaDirectory you will find the executable file "TeamsInstaller.exe" in the subfolder ".\tools". This will guide you through a self-explanatory wizard. At the end of the wizard, you can save the app generated from your entries as a ZIP archive.

This was used to create the Teams app.

MetaDirectory Web service setting

After installation, the MetaDirectory web service is configured to not allow other web servers to embed the web page with them (see general information about CORS or sameorigin).

This restriction must be relaxed to allow the Teams app to display the MetaDirectory web service.

To do this, go to "Services → Web Server → HTTP Header" in MetaDirectory Administrator and disable the "X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN" setting and apply these settings:

Distribute in the organization

There are several ways to distribute the app in the company. 

There are various ways to distribute the app in the company. It is recommended to first try out the app on one workstation before making it available to all users. However, this usually requires special settings in the Teams Admin Center.
You can find instructions on the corresponding documentation pages from Microsoft:

Once it has been ensured that the app works, it can be distributed to the organization:

Please refer to the general notes on app management:

Certain permissions are required to upload a custom app: Microsoft Teams Admin Center → Teams app → Setup policies → (select policy) → Upload custom apps:

Certain permissions are required to use custom apps: Microsoft Teams Admin Center → Teams app → Permission policies → (select policy) → Custom apps (select appropriate option).


The Microsoft Teams client offers little in the way of error handling in this regard. The requirements listed above must be met and verified outside of the Teams client in the browser.

In the Teams client, you also have the option of opening a separate window with the app in the MetaDirectory app in the top right-hand corner via the "Pop-out app" button. Here you can also open the app via the "globe" button (Go to web page) in the standard browser to check that the requirements have been met.

It is possible to open a browser console via the "DevTools". Here you can also detect indications of misconfiguration.

Notes on further integration

Number resolution via SBC

If you are interested in further integration possibilities of MetaDirectory with Microsoft Teams, please also note our options for call number resolution via a Session Border Controller (SBC):

The estos guidelines for the support of third-party products – interoperability information apply. 

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