State of knowledge

June 2019

This article explains how to create a so-called debug log in MetaDirectory to provide this information for analysis.

Logfiles can only be examined if reasonable anchor points are available. Therefore always provide the following additional information:

    • When did an error occur (timestamp with date and time, at least to the minute)?
    • Which internal extensions were involved?
    • Which external participants were involved?
    • Process of the workflow that led to the error


MetaDirectory Administration

Menu item configuration – General – Events

1. Please set the MetaDirectory Event log under to All (also Debug...) and press Apply.

2. Use this button to delete all old log files via Delete log files...

3. After you have reproduced the problem or the reported incident has occurred again, create the log files as zip-folders on your desktop by clicking the button Provide log files.

Example screenshot