State of knowledge

March 2023

Determination of available data fields

In MetaDirectory Administrator under Database\Database fields all available attributes are listed.

In the "LDAP field name" column, you will find the name of the desired field name to be displayed in the web view:

Example screenshot: MetaDirectory Administrator – Database – Database fields

The labeling of the fields is taken from the "special field name" column and can also be modified there.

Changing the data fields displayed

Stop the MetaDirectory Server service before making the changes.

Expand the \estos\MetaDirectory\wwwroot\templates\contactdetails-groups.json file in the installation directory to include the desired data fields, in this case the "Room number":

Example screenshot: MetaDirectory template – contactdetails-groups.json

The changes to the template will be overwritten when the product is updated. Save the customizations to replace the template after update.

Icon for group subdivision

Each fold-out subdivision can be prefixed with an icon, such as "icon": "buisness" or "icon": "home". The identifiers "business" and "home" come from the Google Material Icons collection at

Inserting a hyphen

A hyphen is inserted by an empty string "" under "fields" between the fields.

Display of the data fields which are not empty

In the example, the result looks as follows (the example data set from the MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise installation was used where PLZ was replicated in "Room number"):

Example screenshot: Sample record – MetaDirectory replication – "Room Number".